Risk Assessment

Robust Risk Assessment advice and implementation can be provided for any social care and education establishment.

As an important aspect of effective safeguarding it is essential that you, as a business, ensure that all reasonably practical steps have been taken to ensure that your clients, staff and premises are safe from harm in line with HSE guidelines.

We can advise upon, produce and implement risk assessments for any area of your social care and education business including:

Children’s Behaviour Risk Assessment:

Your children’s risk assessments essentially identify the steps that you undertake to protect them from any identified risks; we can implement quality and realistic risk assessments on your behalf.

We all know that your risk assessments and safeguarding arrangements are rightly one of the first pieces of evidence inspected during any Ofsted, CQC or Quality Assurance inspection; it is your responsibility as a Responsible Individual, Registered Manager, Manager or Educator to ensure that you uphold a duty of care to your clients and take every reasonable practical step to protect them from harm.

In many cases strategies are effectively undertaken to protect children in particular from harm; but not evidenced thoroughly or robustly enough – this is where we come in.

Our risk assessments will be based upon substantiated and even unsubstantiated (to ensure safety) evidence from yourselves, care plans, historical documentation, Local Authority Care Plan’s, SEN’s, risks in the community, potential risks from other children etc. The list could be endless.

Our risk assessments are simple to use, easily understandable by your staff, reviewable and can easily be updated by you after implementation.

Safeguarding Risk Assessment:

Pro-Active Safeguarding– we provide thorough assessments and strategies of how to effectively safeguard your staff, the public and your clients in a pro-active manner. Effective management and behavioural management strategies can significantly decrease the likelihood and severity of any potential risks.

Reactive Safeguarding– following any safeguarding concerns we can help you to plan and implement effective safeguarding strategies. We will assist in the liaison with local authorities, the Police and Ofsted if required, all to promote safety, promote effective management, promote multi agency working and to ensure transparency.

Activity Risk Assessment:

Our experience of working within social care and education businesses on the ‘shop floor’ and also through consultation clearly evidences that the majority of incidences and accidents occur whilst out of your business (School or children’s home); we can help you to, or completely design and implement your activity risk assessments to ensure that thorough organisation and pre planning is in place to reduce risk.

Premises Risk Assessment:

We are able to advise upon or completely design your premises risk assessments; whether these be for your building, your offices, your kitchen or areas of concern in the vicinity of your building (such as roads, farm land etc.). Our risk assessments will assist in keeping your staff, visitors and clients safe – providing effective and realistic planning to improve the health and safety of your business premises.

Fire Risk Assessment:

Internal fire risk assessments can be undertaken for your business premises as well as fire and health and safety related polices and procedures.

Fire risk assessments will always be realistic and designed to keep your clients, your staff and the material of your premises safe.

We can even relate fire and health and safety risk assessments to your specific service users if significant aligned risks have been identified.

Location Risk Assessment:

In collaboration with you we can provide the location risk assessment (safe area report – review of premises) for your premises; this service is for residential children’s homes in particular (according to Regulation 46) but an assessment of the suitability of premises is increasingly being used for within all care and education establishments to evidence the suitability of that particular business in that particular location. We have developed a bespoke pro forma (accepted by Ofsted in locations nationwide) and always consider the views of external local services, your clients, your staff and even your neighbours.
We can undertake the entire process for you, we will undertake all research, conduct all interviews, contact all required external professionals and even assess your location in relation to the traits of your clients for suitability.

Why choose CDP Inspections

Locations Covered

Based in Preston Lancashire, CDP Inspections can undertake all services provided nationwide.

We are able to undertake the required work in your business premises and also work remotely (dependent upon the service required).

Areas covered include: Lancashire – Cumbria – Merseyside – Greater Manchester – Cheshire – Yorkshire – County Durham – North Wales.

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