Management Supervision

Professional management supervision is provided for conscientious social care and education staff working within Residential Care and School environments.

Care and education work is emotionally demanding but research shows that good supervision can help managers get the best out of staff and importantly, themselves.

Care and education are perhaps the most emotional and relationship dependent working roles; this is why reflective supervision is so important, aside from development planning and reflective practice, supervision can provide a unique opportunity to unload.

The primary functions of supervision are: administrative case management; reflecting on and learning from practice; personal support; professional development; and mediation (where required).

Importantly our supervision services are completely independent, sessions are completely confidential (supervisor and supervisee) and, unless agreed otherwise, the content will not be shared with your employer.

We meet for supervisions with managers either in their place of work, or in a location of their choosing – in our experience it is beneficial to undertake supervisions out of the everyday working working environment.

We provide Professional Management Supervision’s for:
Management supoervisions are provided for those professionals working within Ofsted Registered residential children’s homes and CQC Registered care providers

A key benefit of having your management supervisions with us at CDP Inspections is that through our work within social care and education we have been able to identify best practices from all over the UK and are able to share this with you.

Furthermore, our experience of both practically working within these environments and within senior management positions allows us to completely understand and relate to your challenges, perspectives and ambitions.

Why choose CDP Inspections

Locations Covered

Based in Preston Lancashire, CDP Inspections can undertake all services provided nationwide.

We are able to undertake the required work in your business premises and also work remotely (dependent upon the service required).

Areas covered include: Lancashire – Cumbria – Merseyside – Greater Manchester – Cheshire – Yorkshire – County Durham – North Wales.

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