Life Story Training

What is Life Story Training?

In truth their is no exact definition or prescription for Life Story training, however, we believe that the overall goal of Life Story Work is to help people to understand their lives.

This includes their life history and information about relatives, friends, carers, places lived and key life events as well as personal achievements.

Life Story Work may also help people to plan for their future as a result of understanding their past and the effect that it has had on them.

What are the benefits of Life Story training?

The benefits of life story education for social care and residential care professionals are potentially very important.
Awareness and understanding of life story work can help you to:

What are the Learning Outcomes?

Understand the definition of, and theory supporting Life Story Work

Understand the potential benefits of Life Story Work

Know how to use a range of approaches to Life Story Work

Be able to assess which children will benefit from Life Story Work and which would benefit from other types of intervention

Be able to use Life Story Work in adult social care contexts

Furthermore our training will, where appropriate, discuss the children and young people in your care to help you and your colleagues understand them and relate to them more so.

As with everything that we do here at CDP Inspections, we always try to make our services useful and realistic.

We identify strategies to implement life story work, i.e. how does this look practically? We will help you develop plans and techniques to undertake this work.

Not only will Life Story Training improve your knowledge and understanding of the children and young people that you care for, but the implementation of this work is of great benefit for when you are inspected by Ofsted or the CQC for example.
Demonstration of life story work is ‘above and beyond’ and can evidence Outstanding practices in your business.

What does Life Story Training Cost?

Why choose CDP Inspections

Locations Covered

Based in Preston Lancashire, CDP Inspections can undertake all services provided nationwide.

We are able to undertake the required work in your business premises and also work remotely (dependent upon the service required).

Areas covered include: Lancashire – Cumbria – Merseyside – Greater Manchester – Cheshire – Yorkshire – County Durham – North Wales.

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